The Press Room – Hong Kong (Update: Now Closed)

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pressroom_crop The Chubby Orangutan
Four Dollars
Two Forks

The Press Room looks and feels a bit like Balthazar and Pastis in NYC but not quite. Since I am not a wine expert I always ask for suggestions. I asked the waiter to suggest a dry, non-sweet white wine and he seemed confused and suggested Riesling, but I went with the Sauvignon Blanc instead. We also ordered a glass of Cotes du Rhone and Riesling but they got our wine all messed up. It seemed like the waiter didn’t understand what we ordered. Also when the waitress poured me the Sauvignon Blanc to sample, she filled up almost half of my glass…overall they just seem like they haven’t been well trained.

As for the food, we had the foie gras ballotine and salad gourmande to start, which was okay but did not leave any lasting impression. The diver scallops were a bit sandy, the truffle and wild mushroom tagliatelle was very bland however the prime steak frites cooked medium rare was surprisingly good.

Don’t get me wrong, the experience was not bad, but it was nothing special. I do think it’s a good place to catch up with friends and have food, that is not bad but not great, however it was a bit pricey for what it is.

The Press Room: G/F 108 Hollywood Road. Tel: 852-25253444


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