Bill’s Bar & Burger – New York City

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Bills Burger crop The Giant Eyes
Four Dollars
Four Forks

Bill’s Bar & Burger is one of my favorite burger places in the city. Using a custom blend of meats from the famous Pat Lafrieda, the meat is flattened and cooked to perfection. Even though it is cooked through, the meat is still moist, tender and juicy.
I like the Bill’s Burger not only because this is their signature burger, but also it was simple and to the point, nothing fancy nothing extra, it is what a classic burger should be. My second favorite burger on the menu is the Fat Cat. What’s better than caramelized onions with a nice slab of cheese on a what?… an English muffin!? Blasphemy!! No burger should be on an English muffin! That’s what I thought but I was wrong! The English muffin was warm, soft and chewy, and the nice brown juicy flavors of the onions just made it more enjoyable. Also try the Chili Cheese Dog and the classic shakes! Writing this review is making me hungry, oh, how I miss this place!

Bill’s Bar & Burger @ Meatpacking: 22 Ninth Avenue at West 13th Street, NYC. Tel:212-414-3003


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