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If you come to NYC you have to go to Shake Shack. It all started here in Madison Square Park. When I first moved to the city there was only one location but now there are Shake Shacks located throughout the city, so you can technically skip the lines if you wanted. But to get the full experience of how it started, you should go to the Madison Square Park location. The long line, the anticipation of getting those juicy, succulent burgers, thinking about what to order, what the frozen custard of the day is, what sides to get, and to top it off you can sit outside if the weather is nice, that is the full Shake Shack experience.

I ordered the usual Cheeseburger and golden crispy Yukon Potato french fries and the best burger on the menu; the Shack Stack. It is basically in my opinion the tastiest burger, it is soooo good. It combines the cheeseburger and the shroom burger into one MONSTER burger! Now this shroom burger is special, it is a portabello mushroom with a mix of muenster and cheddar cheese then…wait for it… it’s DEEP FRIED!! Oh its heavenly!

Recently there has been a burger craze, a slew of new restaurants that are targeting Burger enthusiasts and charging an arm and a leg for a burger and most of the time they aren’t that good. But the best part about Shake Shack is that their prices are very reasonable and the taste is just perfect. Every time I go to Shack Shake the burgers are consistent, juicy, flavorful and just cooked perfectly. Of course I would like mine medium rare (all Shake Shack burgers are cooked medium), but the combination of the potato bun, the Shake Shack sauce, lettuce and tomato is just too good to complain about. Don’t forget to order a frozen custard as well! Each month they have a week of special flavors, these frozen custards are creamy, delicious and perfect to dip your french fries in (if you like that sort of thing).

Now onto my complaints; my only issue with Shake Shack is their hotdogs, they just aren’t that tasty, I felt disappointed every time I tried them. The buns were dry and the taste was just boring, so no need to order the hotdogs just stick to the burgers and you will be very very happy! This is a must try for visitors of NYC. And as you can see many New Yorkers go here all the time as well. Just writing about this review is making me want one now!

Southeast corner of Madison Square Park, near Madison Avenue and East 23rd Street. Tel.: 212-889-6600


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  1. The Hungry Giraffe

    12 more days until i try this amazing burger!!! can t wait!

  2. The Hungry Giraffe

    Finally i had this amazing burger!!!!trully amazing! Can i just add to stay away if you are on a diet?!It must 500 calories per bite!