Auberge de Dully, Dully – Switzerland

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aubergededully_crop The Hungry Giraffe
Three Dollars
Three Forks

I know what you are thinking… The pictures don’t look that appetizing then why the 3 chubby orangutans? Sometimes it’s not the look that counts but the taste of course! While visiting Geneva our friends took us to a very nice traditional restaurant only 45 minutes away from the town center, in a village called Dully. The restaurant was full of locals and the atmosphere felt very rustic and family like. It’s the sort of place you have Sunday brunch with your family. It’s a set menu and you have the choice of choosing from two salads and two different main courses. For the main course it is either chicken or lamb (so I wouldn’t suggest taking a vegetarian to this restaurant) and unfortunately there is only one option for dessert, but it won’t disappoint you!

I had the chicken (shown below) with potato rösti and I have to say it was pretty tasty! The chicken was tender and juicy and the potato rösti was an artery clogging, delicious side dish! For dessert, I had the cream tart, it tasted like a sweet creamy pizza! It was a wonderful experience but I would come here again only in the summer, because I want to sit in their garden outside, so that I do not smell like chicken for the rest of the day!

Auberge de Dully: Place du Village, 9 CH 1195 Dully. Tel. 021 824 11 49. E-mail: info@aubergedully.ch Web: www.aubergedully.ch


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