Reina – Istanbul

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Once upon a time, I was on a mission to search for my favorite bar in the world. One day I arrived at Reina, Istanbul and for the first time, I fell in love with a bar. I’ve found in my opinion the most beautiful and romantic bar in the World.

Reina is a combination of a bar, lounge and club that is surrounded by a few high-end restaurants. I never did try the food there but Reina is a stunning place to go on a summer night. Located on the European side, right under the Bosphorus Bridge that connects the European and Asian continents, the location itself is magical. You can arrive in the conventional way – through the front door, or have your boat drop you off their private port. I’ve heard complaints about Reina, but I simply blinded them out and didn’t notice because I was mesmerized by its beauty and delicious cocktails. I was enjoying my time there, well, that’s until I got my bill, it was more than USD$30 a cocktail. I wish I could fall in love with a less expensive place, but it was worth it. Until today, I still cannot find another place that can top Reina.

I don’t know exactly why I have the emotional attachment there, maybe it was the exotic location, the smell of the air, the Turkish dance music that was playing that night, or maybe it was far away from home, but I do know it was incredible and it was the most beautiful bar in my world.

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Reina: Muallim Naci Caddesi 10 Ortaköy, Istanbul. Tel.:+30 212 259 5919


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