Tam’s – Phuket, Thailand

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Our Thai friend Tam and his buddies have this little beach shack, with a tent on top in case of monsoon rains. The shack has no name, we call it Tam’s and there is nothing luxurious in terms of table cloths or cutlery; but in terms of food and the view it is as luxurious as it can be for me.

Tam brings us fresh white snapper, steamed or grilled with either lime chilli and ginger, garlic pepper or curry!!! We also order sticky egg noodles, egg fried rice, spicy papaya salad, glass noodles with shrimp and minced chicken with spicy basil!!! It is delicioussssss.

Tip: Tam also makes great margaritas and brings them to where you are sunbathing…..

Tam’s: Pansea Beach, (Chedi/Amanpuri Beach) Phuket, Thailand.

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