Local Food in Arusha, Tanzania

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The best trip of my life thus far was a safari in Tanzania, Africa. The amazing experience included tasting of local food in Arusha in northern Tanzania. Our driver Marco took us to where he usually eats right in the heart of the city! The place is setup with basic equipments, plastic furniture and huge pots with rising steam and boiling meats.

The waitress brought us warm water and soap to wash our hands right after we sat down. I ordered the stewed beef and my companion got the boiled chicken and the side dish that accompanied it were two boiled bananas! The traditional way of eating is to use your hands and that’s what we did, they do offer you a spoon but it’s not very easy to tear the meat apart with it!
The taste was surprisingly quite exquisite, the chicken was juicer and softer than the beef. The staff and people around us were so friendly and nice that I would definitely go back there if I ever return to Tanzania!
If you have ever been to Africa, you would know most of the people are very friendly there. I miss Africa and I can’t wait to go back!



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