Cafe Mogador, East Village – NYC

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Located in the heart of East Village, Cafe Mogador has been serving Moroccan food in NYC for almost 30 years. In the fast changing New York restaurant scene, Cafe Mogador is standing firm, and continues to create memories for many. When we were students in NYC, this was one of those places we frequented often.

The nice jazz music and friendly staff definitely contributed to the warm and cozy ambience. It is an all day cafe- restaurant where you can relax, drink Moroccan tea, read a book and then when you are hungry, you can eat!

I always get the humus falafel which is one of my favorites! And some of that amazing lamb tagines that has been cooked for hours with prunes and apricots, or with Casablanca sauce (chickpeas, raisins and onions), the meat melts in your mouth, and the flavors blossom … it is wonderful.

Oh, don’ t forget to try their homemade spicy sauce and if you like it you can always buy some! It’s intimate and sweet in the winter, and in the summer, you can sit outside on the East Village streets and be a part of the city scheme.

Cafe Mogador: 101 St. Marks Place, NYC. Tel.: 212-677-2226

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