Street Bar & Restaurant, Athens – Greece

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Street Bar & Restaurant is a new burger place located in a nice area of Athens called Psychico. I went there on a Friday night and it was packed with people. I didn’t book a table but the beautiful and tall Maitre’d found us a table within 10 minutes! The decor is modern with some old fashion touches such as the floor, however there were a couple of annoyances: the restaurant is too dark that you could barely see your food and you could hardly hear the person next to you because the music was too loud.

In Greece you have to be very careful with how you want your meat cooked because they just don’t get it! Most of the time, everything comes well done! So if you want it medium or rare you have to really insist on it, to the point that your waiter will probably hate you!

I ordered a medium cooked skinny burger and I literally got a well done cooked burger with nothing else, nada, zilch, zip… NO BUN…just a plain salad next to it… not even some ketchup or some grilled vegetables! (see picture for proof) I guess it really was a “skinny” burger. When I finished my so called skinny burger I was still very hungry and I started eating the fries from my friends plate and they were delicious! Their actual burger (I took a couple of bites of my friend’s burger too) wasn’t bad either so I guess I made a bad choice getting the skinny burger. Oh by the way I forgot to mention that my cocktail was amazing!!!!

The owners of this restaurant are young and they are really trying to make the place a success, so I hope they will improve the next time I visit!


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