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What can I say about Peter Luger’s that has not already been said? This is the Holy Grail of all Steakhouses across America. If you want the best steaks that any human can cook this is the place to go. Nothing, I mean nothing can compare to the way Peter Luger’s cooks steaks. Whenever I come to NYC I make it a priority to come here no matter how busy my schedule may be.

The one caveat of Peter Luger’s is that their waiters are not very friendly. They can be loud and rude at times but think about the big picture here people!! Honestly as long as that sizzling thick slab of beautiful meat comes to my table, nothing else really matters. Since this is my favorite steakhouse, I have no inclination of looking at the menu, I first order a nice frosty mug of beer, then steak for two, and then the cheeseburger, all medium rare of course!

I am frantically looking at my watch counting down the minutes and the seconds until I hear the crackling sounds of oil and meat on a hot plate approaching along with the voice of my waiter yelling out to people to “watch out”. I have a smile from ear to ear when my waiter puts down the beautiful USDA dry-aged Prime Porterhouse steak!! The waiter serves me two slices (one from the strip side and one from the Filet Mignon side), then he drenches each piece with the same hot oil that the steak was cooked in. Perfectly cooked medium rare, the meat almost melts in my mouth.

I have to pry myself away from the steaks when my Cheese Luger-Burger comes out. Again this is cooked perfectly medium rare, just the way I like it. It was moist, juicy, tender, basically everything you want in a burger. The sesame bun was soft and warm and complemented the 1/2 lbs burger meat quite nicely. I had to slow myself down in order to thoroughly enjoy this burger.

It seems as though you can’t go wrong with steaks and burgers at Peter Luger’s. If you haven’t tried it yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?! Go for lunch, go for dinner, just GO NOW!

Peter Luger Steakhouse: 178 Broadway, Brooklyn, NYC. Tel.: 718-387-7400


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  1. Perhaps not the best steakhouse in North America (I sometimes had better steaks at Keens, or even throughout the US) , but among the good ones indeed. What’s ur best cut there? The Porterhouse? Liked their Porterhouse (had it twice).