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Bistecca Steak House is an Italian style steak house located in the heart of Hong Kong. I’ve never heard of Bistecca before, my friends made the reservation and of course who can say no to steaks!? The space is nice and clean with a butcher store feel to it. I arrive a bit late, at 2:30 pm to be exact and the establishment closes at 3:30 pm. As I rush to look over the menu, I know right away what I wanted. I order the Wagyu Beef from Oakleigh Ranch; the Fiorentina and the Delmonico. I found out later that Oakleigh Ranch is located in Eastern Australia and produces high quality Wagyu beef from the Kobe Beef family. We also order the Lasagna Bolognese, Meatballs, Zucchini Fries, Fontina Fondue White Truffle with Charcoal Grilled Bruchetta and the 1/2 Roasted Chicken with Lemon and Pepper. Yes we ordered alot!

We receive the Meatballs, Zucchini Fries and the Fontina Fondue White Truffle with Charcoal Grilled Bruchetta first. Meatballs are dry and are nothing special; the Zucchini Fries are extremely oily and a bit inedible, it feels like eating a juicy stick of oil. Now the Fontina Fondue White Truffle with Charcoal Grilled Bruchetta, is gooey, creamy, tasty and complemented the Charcoal Grilled Burchetta perfectly. I want some more but I have to keep my stomach ready for the steaks. Then the Fiorentina Steak comes and we dig right in like starving hyenas going after a carcass. I have to say it is pretty tasty. Fatty, juicy, cooked perfectly medium rare and the steak was seasoned nicely with sea salt and Kerala peppercorns. I actually enjoy this more than the steak at the Grand Hyatt Steakhouse. I was happy for the moment.

After we devour the Fiorentina we still have the Delmonico Steak, Lasagna Bolognese and the Roasted Chicken coming. After waiting patiently for a while my happy mood soon became solemn. The service at Bruchetta was slow and terrible and I am sure the waiters forgot about our order because they are so keen on cleaning up. Maybe because it is near closing time but that is no excuse.  I have to complain to the waiter about the long wait! Instead of apologizing, he keeps telling us the food is coming soon while trying to run away. I don’t understand why he cannot stand still and answer our question in an adequate manner.

Finally our Lasagna, Delmonico steak and the Chicken arrive on our table. Although my mood is already ruined and the fact that the waiter was a bit rude and not accommodating, I have to admit that the Lasagna is quite appetizing. The Roasted Chicken though, is exactly how I learned to cook at the French Culinary Institute in NYC, it is a white wine reduction sauce with Dijon mustard, it’s more French style than Italian, but nonetheless, it is tasteful. The Delmonico Steak is very burnt and seems like a rushed job. I am very disappointed at the professionalism of the chefs. They clearly know how to grill the Fiorentina steak but since they are closing they rushed this steak. They fired up the grill too high and as a result, the outer layer of the steak is severely burnt. My companion took one bite and said: “This is cancer waiting to happen, stop eating it.”  I try my best to find the piece that isn’t burnt badly. To be fair, you can tell the steak quality, aside from the carcinogens, is high. I can’t help but wonder what it would have been like if it weren’t burnt to a crisp.

Overall aside from the terrible service, I have to say the food quality at Bistecca is quite delicious. I would come back here to give it another go and hopefully they will treat us a bit better.

Bistecca Italian Steak House: 2/F, Grand Progress Building, 15 Lan Kwai Fong, Central.  Tel.: 852-2525 1308


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