Sea Thai Restaurant – Brooklyn, NY

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Opened by the same company that runs Thai restaurants such as Spice, Eat=, and Peep in Manhattan, Sea is a Thai restaurant located in the heart of Williamsburg. Like its sister restaurants, Sea is a trendy, lounge-y and hip place to eat Thai food. From the moment you walk through the doors you are embraced by the presence of Buddha in front of a pond. The music is low key but present, and the vibe is chill and relaxing.

The Lunch Special allows me one appetizer and one main dish at a reasonable price. I order Duck Lettuce Wrap and the Chicken Pad Thai. Now my rule here is that if they can’t get a basic Thai dish such as Pad Thai correct, then the restaurant is a complete failure. (The menu says it’s “The Thai Experience” so it better be)

My Duck Lettuce Wrap comes to the table and it looks pretty tasty. The Duck meat is mixed with an assortment of vegetables and peanuts and is served warm. I place the items into the cold lettuce, wrap it and take a huge bite. To my surprise it is quite refreshing. Nothing extraordinary, it’s simple, light and easy to eat. Then my Pad Thai soon arrives. I mix my Pad Thai with the bean sprouts then I take my first bite…chewing…chewing…thinking…thinking…”hey, not too shabby” is what comes to mind. It is in essence Pad Thai, it’s pretty good Pad Thai to say the least but not over the top amazing like the ones in Thailand, but of course you can’t compare, I am eating Thai food in Brooklyn!

I am pretty happy overall with the Duck Lettuce Wrap and the Traditional Pad Thai. The ambiance and the mood of the restaurant give the whole experience a nice touch as well. I would definitely come back here. Just watch out for your bag or coat sleeves getting in the pond…(my bag strap fell in the water…)

Sea Thai Restaurant: 114 N 6th St (between Wythe Ave & Berry St), Brooklyn, NY.  Tel.: (718) 384-8850


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