Delfinia, Glyfada – Athens, Greece

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Delfinia4_crop The Little Dik-Dik
Five Dollars
Four Forks

I might be a little dik-dik but sometimes my friends call me grandpa dik-dik because I like old fashioned things and places, like places I used to go with my parents when I was a kid. When the weather is nice, we like to go to Delfinia Tavern in the south suburbs of Athens where we can dine in front of the sea and look at the boats and enjoy fresh and tasty fish from the Mediterranean Sea.  It is called a fish tavern but don’t expect average prices, you need to carry a lot of money with you!

Sitting outside and enjoying the sun, I like to order the fried soles, fried langoustine bites, the amaaaazing lobster spaghetti, the mixed boiled vegetables and finally my favorite the grilled langoustines! (You can never get enough langoustines!) Be prepared to get dirty as you will devour them with your bare hands leaving nothing behind! When you finish the delicious seafood, they treat you with some traditional Greek dessert and lemon sorbet. This will leave you feeling happy and stuffed…that is…until you get the bill!

Delfinia: Diadohou Pavlou 5 Glyfada, Athens, Greece. Tel.: +0030 210 8943303

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