Waterloo & City: A Gastropub with Gastronomical Delight – LA

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I first came upon Waterloo & City in a magazine article that touted it as one of the best new restaurants of the year in Los Angeles.  The concept?  British gastropub fair – known for their house made and imported charcuterie like chicken liver and foie gras mousse, selection of pates and terrines.  The first visit was so amazing; I had to go back again – and again.  Waterloo does gastropub RIGHT.  Happy hour is a must with a variety of menu items at a fraction of the price (there’s also a late night menu).  The radicchio and watercress salad with truffle vinaigrette and burrata is addictively amazing as is their various pasta and pizza dishes.  Keep an eye out for specials as they are of the eclectic variety and – as with the menu, seasonally inspired.

The Chicken Liver & Foie Gras Mousse is one of my favorite things to order off the charcuterie menu.  Served with grilled bread, pickled vegetables and a house made apricot jam – a perfect blend of sour, sweet, salty, earthiness and spice.

Their pizzas are cooked over wood fire ovens giving them a nice singe – the wild mushroom pizza with smoked mozzarella is a must and their BBQ Tri-Tip Pizza with roasted Peppers and curtido Slaw was full of flavor and quiet the filler.  The crust is light and crisp and a perfect base for their pizzas.

The Yukon Potato Gnocchi with Lamb Cheek Ragu, Chanterelles and Manchego is a delectable dish.  Tender pillows of gnocchi with a  rich ragu – it delivers a wonderful flavor in depth and earthiness while staying light and delicate.  The manchego adds that hint of saltiness, rounding out the flavor.

Reminiscent of something my classmate made in culinary school during one of our international classes, the Steamed Mussels with Thai curry, lime and ginger with grilled ciabatta is a lovely blend of flavors.  Fragrant with a punch, the mussels are tender and the ciabatta helps soak up all the saucy goodness.

Dessert is something I always look forward to and if there’s something that stands out on a menu, I will have it.  The English Apple Pie with Cinnamon Caramel Ice Cream was quite the treat.  Scented with vanilla bean and cardamom – topped with an apple chip served a la mode in it’s own little baking dish – it was definitely not your average apple pie.  If Waterloo were to have a signature dessert, the Sticky Toffee Pudding with salted caramel and vanilla ice cream would be it.  It’s melt in your mouth goodness.  You’ll have to eat it quick as it’s served hot and the ice cream literally melts on contact.

Overall Impression:  A true vision of a traditional Brittish gastropub, Waterloo & City is a must if you love good food and have a palate in search of something unique and well done.  Everything is cooked to precision, a reflection of its talent (they wear derby hats in the kitchen) and care for gastronomical delights.  Oh, and it has a phenomenal wine and beer selection and specialty cocktails coined as ‘pubtails’ – enjoy!

Waterloo & City: 12517 W Washington Blvd Los Angeles. Tel.:(310) 391-4222


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