Tao Club Restaurant, Las Vegas

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From what I’ve heard, other than getting married and losing all your money at the casino, in Vegas, clubbing is also a really good option. Eventhough I’m a Grandpa Dik-dik who doesn’t like to party these days, I still decided to take my lady out and made a reservation at Tao, which is both a club and a restaurant. I booked early because Tao is usually packed and it was indeed. When I was there I felt as if I was in the most touristy place in the world! The service was like: Hello! Sit! Eat! Bye! (if you get what I’m trying to say). The drinks were alright but not great, so I couldn’t even give myself an excuse to get drunk! The music was really loud and it was very dark so looking for my food and having a conversation were challenging. I thought I was the only one having a hard time, our neighbors, a group of 40 to 70 year old ladies actually looked far more miserable than us.

We didn’t order too much food but the few things we had were surprisingly good for club food. The Peking duck was very tasty, fatty and crunchy which I almost ate it all…but I stopped immediately…because a nice hard kick to my shins woke me up as my lady was none too pleased at me for not sharing…

For those who have been to Tao New York, the difference is huge. Aside from the food being the same, Tao NY is much better overall.

Tao Las Vegas is located in The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino at 3355 Las Vegas Blv, South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Tel.: 702.388.8338



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