Budweiser Budvar – The Original Budweiser Beer (Not the American Budweiser!)

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When I think of Budweiser I think of the many commercials on TV and a boring, water down beer without much flavor. But not many people know that the Budweiser in America is NOT the original Budweiser beer. I came across this very interesting tidbit when I visited the Czech Republic. There is a town in the Czech Republic called Budweis where they have been brewing beer since 1265, hence the name Budweiser.

There has been an ongoing trademark lawsuit between Anheuser-Busch and Budweiser Budvar Brewery on who can properly use the name Budweiser. It does state on the Budvar website: (http://www.budweiserbudvar.co.uk/budweiser) “You would have thought that it would be quite in order, if your beer was brewed in Budweis a great brewing town for centuries, to call it Budweiser. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that and the American owners of a beer brand with a similar name to Budweiser Budvar have engaged the Czech brewery in litigation over this issue of who is allowed to use the “B” word for 100 years now. Currently there are about 40 trademark dispute cases pending in different jurisdictions and some 70 procedural issues up for consideration around the world.”

In my opinion, what lacks in the American Budweiser, it is made up in the Original Budweiser. The color is similar to the US counterpart, light blonde, but other than that it is very different in taste. It has a grassy and malty smell and a nice thick head when poured. The taste is nice and clean with a hint of hoppy bitter finish. I enjoyed it thoroughly and it actually tasted like beer and not like water. If you see it in the US it is called Budvar or Czechvar, If you see it in Europe it is called Budweiser Budvar. Try it out I am sure you will enjoy it!


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