Souvlaki Mania 1: Papigo – Athens, Greece

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Hello, I’m the Little Dik-dik! I was born with a souvlaki in my mouth, possibly the last dinner my mother had before giving birth to me, and that pretty much explains my love for souvlaki and why I am obsessed with finding the best souvlaki in Athens (and hopefully around the world in the future)!

In fact, finding the best souvlaki is not an easy task.  There are a combination of factors that determine if a souvlaki is good or not.

Rule no. #1: The meat has to be of good quality, it has to be soft but not very fatty, and it cannot be overcooked! This rule applies to every kind of meat that goes into a souvlaki: pork, chicken, pork gyros, chicken gyros, sausage and kebab!

Rule no. #2: The pita bread. It’s imperative your pita bread is made right. It shouldn’t be too soft or too hard, nor should it be too greasy or dry. It has to be the perfect amount of chewiness and moistness to complement your souvlaki.

Rule no. #3: Beware of the other ingredients in your souvlaki. Be it tomatoes, potatoes, tzatziki, onion, sauce and/or mustard, you have to choose wisely and make sure those are the combinations you really love before ordering. A perfect combination can differ from person to person, so never be jealous of the souvlaki that the person next to you is eating, you can always have one more since they are not as fattening as you may think!

Now lets go on to my first Souvlaki review:

Papigo in Agia Paraskevi, Athens! Papigo is one of the very original souvlaki places in Greece. This joint has been around for many years! It’s a popular takeout place for locals! The couple that owns Papigo know almost everyone in the neighborhood. The quality of the meat is amazing and the souvlaki is simple but excellent. It abides by all the rules I mentioned above, so you know its good! I love picking up a souvlaki from Papigo when I’m at work and this is definitely one of my favorites in Athens.

If you ever visit Greece, you must try a Souvlaki! Don’t waste your money on souvlaki vendors targeting tourists (usually located in touristy areas with big signs), go to the authentic local places.  I promise I will share more with you on good souvlaki places around Greece, so you know where the locals go.

Papigo: 9, 25 Martiou Street, Cholargos, Athens, Greece. Tel.: 0030 – 210 – 6532529


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