Rogacki – Berlin, Germany

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After dropping off our bags in the hotel, the first thing we did was to jump into a taxi and head to Rogacki. To our surprise, our hotel concierge has never heard of Rogacki. However, when we told the taxi driver where to take us, he excitedly said:”Oh I live around there and I was just at Rogacki yesterday! The fish is really good!”

Rogacki is a family owned delicatessen selling an array of food including meat, wurst (sausages), fish, cheese, bread and seafood since 1928. Besides being a deli, it is also a cafeteria with a few “open kitchens” serving hot food. It was packed with people even on a weekday.

After walking around and observing what everyone was eating we decided to try the fried codfish with potato salad, which resembled Britain’s fish and chips. We also ordered the blood and liver sausages, assortment of seafood, fish soup from one of the open kitchens, and a couple of different head cheeses. There were so many choices and we tried our best to taste them all. There was no room in our stomachs to eat anymore but surely enough we enjoyed everything about Rogacki.

Rogacki: Wilmersdorfer Strasse 145-46, 10585 Berlin

Tel.: +49303438250


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