Kowloon Tang – Excellent Cantonese Cuisine in Hong Kong

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Five Dollars
Four Forks

Hong Kong is undeniably, one of the best cities to enjoy Chinese cuisine. This is where you will find refined Chinese food, fastidiously executed with a wide range of ingredients. It can be very costly and some of these restaurants are not worth the value. But there are those despite the heavy price tag, still satisfy and make you happy, and Kowloon Tang is one of them.

Looking from the outside where alfresco seating is available, Kowloon Tang appears to be a contemporary Chinese restaurant. That’s until the doors open: the antique ceiling fans, the retro carpet, the 60s style cartoon art along with Teresa Teng’s sweet voice singing in the background, you suddenly realized you just walked into the past.

The service is very attentive. I asked for a platter with only the items we wanted and they were able to accommodate us. The beverage manager made different cocktails for us throughout the night, surprising us with something tasty each time. However do expect long gaps between each dish and the pace of the meal is slow as if you were in a French restaurant.

We ordered a Peking duck one day in advance (which is required), a barbeque platter with roasted chicken and pork, fish maw and vegetable soup, lobster ball in egg sauce, sea cucumber with leeks, and steamed garoupa. The Peking Duck although nicely done and presented, is the only dish that was sub-par, everything else was truly delicious.

Barbeque Platter with Roasted Chicken and Pork (Char Siu). The roasted pork looked lean and dry but it was juicy and flavorful.

Barbeque Pork Bun with chewy and refined dough.

Fish Maw and Vegetable Soup. Excellent.

Peking Duck, presented by a Peking duck specialist from Beijing. We were told to eat it in three different steps. We didn’t particularly like this “new method”, finding it less tasty but equally oily as the “old method”.

Lobster in Egg White and Salty Egg Yolk Sauce

Freshly Steamed Garoupa

Sea Cucumber with Leeks and Onion

Chocolate Cake with Sorbet

Raspberry Cake with Sorbet

Address: Shop R002-003, Civic Square, 3/F, Elements Mall, 1 Austin Rd, West Kowloon. Tel.: +852 2811 9398.


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