Settimio all’Arrancio, Rome – Italy

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It’s one of the best well kept secrets of Rome. Even though it is in a very touristic area somehow tourists don’t go there. You see only Romans, good looking people, politicians and generally nice people eating here. The service is excellent and it is nice to go either for lunch or dinner. The food is amazing whether it’s fish, meat or pasta!  Definitely get started with some Mozzarella di Bufalla, prosciutto and fresh bread. For the main course my favorite dish is the Cotolette or the Bistecca alla Fiorentina which is always very tender! As for dessert I always get the scrumptious Creama Catalana, which is similar to Creme Brulee but only better! I love this place and I want to spend every Saturday lunch here!!!

50, v. Arancio – ROMA (RM)
T 06.6876119


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