Blue Pine Restaurant, Kifissia – Athens, Greece

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bluepine-crop The Little Dik-Dik
Five Dollars
Three Forks

Since 1961 Blue Pine has been one of the oldest and chic French restaurants in Kifissia, the type of restaurant you go with your parents and their friends to celebrate a special occasion. As I mentioned before I love old-fashioned places and this is one of those ancient looking restaurants with the waiters averaging about 100 years young.

I went there on a cold night to celebrate a new birth in my friend’s family. The old lady who took our order was very polite and strongly suggested what we should get! Like all the good children who listen, all of us ended up having the same appetizers and almost everyone had the same main course! It was good but nothing extraordinary, especially when you compare it to the French restaurants abroad. Don’t get me wrong, the food quality was very good but I feel that it’s time for them to upgrade their menu!






Address:37 Tsaldari Street, Kifissia,Athens, Greece

Tel.:0030 – 2108077745


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