Ciudad Condal Tapas Bar – Barcelona, Spain

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All I can say is that I love Barcelona. The friendly people, the beautiful buildings and the amazing culture and history will forever be emblazoned in my mind. One of those memorable moments was eating at Ciudad Condal. We have done our research before coming to Barcelona from guidebooks, surfing the web and reading blogs etc… Well obviously the best recommendation is by asking a local (not a taxi driver because sometimes they might take you to a place where they get commission). The local we asked stated that Ciudad Condal was one of the best Tapas restaurants in Barcelona. So we dropped off our bags and headed over.

From the moment we walked in we saw that the decor was a classic wood furnished settings with happy smiling waiters willing to help out a lost tourist. We decided to sit at the busy bar where the friendly waiters stood around. We were seated between a French couple and a local family. As we were perusing the menu, right away the French couple had recommendations for us and offered us to try their drinks. Later the local family gave us a piece of their food to try, and then wrote down restaurant recommendations for us. The whole night was so much fun, we shared food and drinks and enjoyed wine and other alcoholic beverages (maybe a little too much)!

As to the food, it was excellent! We ordered the Grilled Shrimp, Razor Clams, Ham and Artichoke, Mini-Burgers, Tempura Shrimp, Clams and Catalan Creme Brulee, a Sweet bread with sweet hard liquor and more. The one item not to skip is the Light Fried Camembert Cheese covered in peanuts and with a light sprinkle of raspberry jam. I did not expect much but the moment it entered my mouth there was an explosion of senses that ran through my mind. I literally almost cried because of how amazingly delicious this concoction is. It literally blew my mind. Something so simple can be so amazing!

I am glad we were recommended this restaurant, whenever I go back to Barcelona I am going back to Ciudad Condal and I hope to see my friends there again!

Rambla de Catalunya, 18 (Barcelona). With Gran Via. tel. 933 181 997


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  1. The Chubby Orangutan

    Thank you for reading our review. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Have fun in Barcelona.