The Wolseley – a Classic in London

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The Wolseley is a favorite of mine and I try to go there every time I visit London. It’s a wonderful space, one of the nicest in my opinion. The food and service are also excellent.

Its history is fascinating – once a prestigious car showroom that was built in 1921. Then in 1927 Barclays Bank took over until the Wolseley Cafe and Restaurant was born in 2003.

The decor is traditionally English old school: shiny silver cutlery, crisp white napkins and butler style waiters. It is all about etiquette, the savoir-vivre of restaurants and the stiff upper lip.

The center of the restaurant is always filled up with celebrities, food critics etc… the outer circle with elegant and well dressed people or anyone that knows the owner and the rest are placed haphazardly elsewhere.

The food is mostly classic British dishes, the teas and pastries divine and the service is exceptional. Never do you have to look for a waiter in The Wolseley but neither are they in your face!

We all had the sea bass whole fish with olive and fennel with Charlotte potatoes and wilted spinach. Delicious!

Make sure you book in advance, make sure you try the breakfast and make sure you have a fat wallet!

160 Piccadilly, London.  www.thewolseley.com. +020 7499 6996


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