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Hello Readers! This is my first post on Eat Everywhere! Yes Yes thank you for the applause. You will either learn to love me or hate me. The Kung Fu Panda has arrived!!!!!! And he’s going to out eat all the other zoo animals here! ;p

Visited an off the beaten track restaurant in Chicago, Illionis called EL Ideas. EL being ELEVATED and the name of the Mass Transit of Chicago, not Spanish for “The”

Ever heard the term the wrong side of the tracks? Well this restaurant situated in a unmarked building on a desolate block had me worried that we were walking into a Midwest murder house.

The restaurant is BYOB, the food is outstanding, and the chef and his team are a bunch of talented jerks that know that they can cook and aren’t afraid to be playful with the menu. Price is moderate for this level of food, 13 courses. US$135 a person. The staff is minimal, they only seat 13 at time and have 2 seatings a night. I’m calling it here folks. They will receive a Michelin star in the next year or two. Go while it is still affordable. Enjoy the food porn!

El Ideas – Address – 2419 W. 14th Street, Chicago, 60618 +13122268144


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