Antonio – Portugese Cuisine in Macau

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We heard good things about Chef António Coelho and his award-winning, authentic Portuguese restaurant, Antonio, and decided to give it a try on a chilly winter day.

Antonio is located in an old townhouse much like all the other architecture in the historical Taipa Village. The dinning room is intimate with carved wooden chairs and traditional ceramic tiles. A nice place to take someone on a date. We started out with sautéed clams with garlic, coriander, olive oil and white wine. The taste was good and pretty straight-forward, nothing spectacular. Then we tried the Portuguese duck rice, it was heavy but very tasty and made us feel a bit excited about what was to come next. The next dish was the African chicken, fried with garlic, onions, chili, ginger and coconut milk. Personally, I didn’t like this dish, as I thought the flavors of coconut milk, chili, garlic and ginger didn’t blend very well on the tongue, however the texture of the chicken was nice and juicy. Lastly we had the charcoal grilled Codfish with potatoes and sautéed turnip tops. Unfortunately the fish was very dry and salty and it was a boring dish.

Overall the service and atmosphere were good, the food was above average but not very memorable.

António, Rua dos Negociantes No. 3, Old Taipa Village, Taipa, Macau


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