Souvlaki Mania 2: Panerithraikos – Kifissia, Athens

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Panerithraikos-crop1 The Little Dik-Dik
Two Dollars
Four Forks

Ohhhh yes! My favorite Souvlaki thus far! Panerithraikos is located in the north suburbs of Athens. I just LOVE this place! They only make three things here: Tomato and Onion Salad, Pork Souvlaki and Fried Potatoes. The menu is very simple and they have been cooking the same menu for so many years that they have reached sheer perfection! It’s an extremely busy place on regular days, and is usually closed on holidays so they can rest. Although it’s a bit of a hike from other parts of Athens, it is definitely worth the trek.

Address: N. Plastira 43, Nea Erithrea

Tel. 0030-210 800027


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