Bánh Mì Vietnamese Sandwich – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Bánh Mì (pronounced as Ba Me) means bread in Vietnamese. A Bánh Mì sandwich is often a Vietnamese baguette with pâté, Vietnamese mayonaise, ham, mortadella, pickled radish, cucumbers and carrots, and garnished with coriander, cilantro and pepper.  Bánh Mì sandwich is common in all parts of Vietnam, it is usually eaten for breakfast or lunch, and it’s often favored by factory workers and school children. Since I am a factory worker, it’s no wonder when I first laid eyes on a Bánh Mì sandwich, I felt in love. It had me at hello.

My first Bánh Mì sandwich was back in New York City. So naturally when I came to it’s native, country of origin: Vietnam, I went on a Bánh Mì frenzy. But some of the nice looking, Bánh Mì sandwich shops were disappointing! However I refused to give up until I found the ONE. Located in Ham Nghi road, on a street corner, there are different vendors selling street food, and one of them offers what some would say is the best Bánh Mì sandwiches in the city. I was there late at night, and locals were still lining up buying these sandwiches for their entire family. The baguette was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, the fresh pickled vegetables along with the tender and flavorful meat, blended very well together, each bite was packed with yummy juiciness!

I had such a great experience that I had to go back again the night after. On the second night, he sold out of baguettes and used regular bread, and I thought the taste was lost a bit, not as great as the night before. So if you ever go there, make sure to have it on a baguette!

Overall, this is definitely better than the best Bánh Mì sandwich in New York City.  Everything tasted fresh and I did not feel it was too heavy afterwards.  At about 1 US dollar a piece, I thoroughly enjoy this simple little sandwich called Bánh Mì!

Address: 50-64, 66-68 Ham Nghi, Q.1, Ho Chi Minh City


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