Al Mallah – Delicious Chicken Shawarma in Dubai

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Two Dollars
Three Forks

With a friend’s recommendation we arrived at Al Mallah in Satwa, Dubai. The no frills, cafeteria-like restaurant is very popular among the locals for inexpensive and fast Arabian food. We sat outside and ordered Lamb and Chicken Shawarma, Grilled Shrimp and Hammour Filet while munching on pita bread and watching all the fancy sports cars passing by. Mmm…nothing like car exhaust to go with your Shawarma!

I found the lamb a bit dry, but the Chicken Shawarma was very good. The meat was crispy and tender, along with garlic sauce, onions and pickles,  it was delicious! The best dish though was the Hammour Filet, it was truly a pleasant surprise. There is no fancy sauce or extras, just a perfect balance of flavor and texture and it melted in my mouth like butter.

For a little more than 10 USD per person, this delicious meal was worth the trip and easy on the wallet!

Al Mallah: Diyafah Street, Satwa, Dubai

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