Santo Padre, Rome – Italy

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When in Rome do as the Romans do! Our Italian friends took us to Santo Padre, a family owned restaurant, like the ones in a classic Italian movie with the typical Italian famiglia eating right next to you! But don’t be afraid, there is no “Godfather” here just a really friendly Italian owner serving you along with his wife and family. Apparently he is a huge horse racing fan and knows all the important people in the Italian horse racing business. It’s no wonder that the walls are covered in pictures of jockeys, racehorses and hippodromes.

The restaurant is intimate and cozy, and every table is set with plates of mozzarella, ham, prosciutto, sun-dried tomatoes and amazing Italian cheese! Order some wine and enjoy the antipasti before even looking at the menu! Actually I didn’t even see a menu. The owner came and told us about the fresh dishes of the day. He doesn’t speak much English, but my Italian friends ensured me that even if I don’t understand what I ordered, it would still be great!

My Italian friends did the ordering and my responsibility was to eat! We had pasta with mussels, ravioli and a plate of small fish with Pecorino cheese. They were so delectable and I couldn’t stop eating! We were so full when the waiter asked if we wanted a main course! What!?… Those were not the main courses? At that point we really couldn’t eat anymore, but we also couldn’t resist the temptation, so we ordered grilled artichokes. My mind was filled with food that I forgot to take a picture of it, but let me tell you it was amazing just like everything else we had in this restaurant!

Of course, to wrap up dinner, the Italians have to have an espresso together with some grappa! I think it helps them digest so that there’s extra space for dessert! Our desserts were creme caramel and roasted peanuts with sugar! Delicious!

One thing is for sure, despite the expensive price I will always come back here when I visit Rome!

Santo Padre: Via Collina 18, Rome, Italy Tel.: 06-474-5405


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