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In my hey days of working in the busy area of Soho I frequented this small little Taqueria. When I had a craving of Burritos or a light snack this is where I would come first. You must try their fish tacos they are amazingly delicious, the fish is lightly fried to perfection, with a topping of cabbage and cilantro dressing. Be sure to order more than one because the size of the taco is quite small. The burritos on the other hand are massive and very filling, so be prepared to fall into a food coma. Maybe eat this at lunch on a Friday, because you know it’s FRIDAY, no work gets done on Fridays! C’mon, everyone knows that!!

By the way, everything tastes even better with their homemade Pico de Gallo and green chili sauce, so make sure you eat your tacos and burritos with the sauce! They now have 3 locations so they must be doing something right! Give it a try! You won’t be sorry!

Pinche Taqueria: 333 Lafayette Street, New York City. Tel.: +12123439977


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