Tapas 24 – Sensational Tapas Bar in Barcelona

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How is it that some people can cook so well? I am beyond words to explain the admiration I have for them. To me, they are almost Gods, or aliens, they transform simple earthy ingredients into magic; with just one bite, it will fill you with emotions beyond your control. The effect is immediate and that’s why I call it: MAGIC.

I’ve had a few of those magical moments while eating, and one of them is at Chef Carles Abellan’s Tapas 24. I later found out that Chef Carles Abellan is no ordinary chef. For years, he was a vital team member of El Bulli’s head chef, Ferran Adrià before opening up Tapas 24.

Walking down the stairs, the dinning room is below street level. It was packed with people and late comers who must wait in line (no reservations). In the center there is the open kitchen, I found myself a seat at the kitchen counter, observing the lively and busy energized epicenter.

The contemporary restaurant serves creative tapas which differentiates itself from classic establishments such as Ciudad Condal. Everything we ordered was delicious, but there was just one dish that took my breath away. It is the Bikini Comerç 24. The Bikini Comerç 24 looked like a harmless, tiny baby sandwich, one may not look at it twice. But it is the most wonderful sandwich I’ve ever had. It was crunchy and warm with cured Iberian ham, black truffle and buffala mozzarella. After I took the first bite, there was an explosion of sensations inside of me. Although I managed to maintain normality on the surface, I was dancing, singing, jumping and going crazy on the inside. It was a great moment to be alive. This is what it’s all about!

Mc Foie-Burger – small beef hamburger with foie gras served with foie ganache. Ohh la la this was delectable. I truly believe anything with foie gras tastes good. I smothered the foie ganache all over this burger to make it that much more mind blowing!

Bombes de la Barceloneta – Potato and Meatballs in spicy sauce. This was moist and tasty but it wasn’t spicy at all, but still the sauce was a nice addition to the overall dish.

Ous Estrellats al Gust – Smashed eggs with Potato and Chorizo. This dish was a bit oily which prevented my companion and I from finishing it. It was delicious nonetheless. I believe if I ate it all I would have passed out in the restaurant.

Pa amb tomàquet (bread with tomato) is refreshing and simple. They grated the fresh tomato on the toasted bread, then sprinkled it with olive oil.

Arròs negre de Sipia – Black rice with squid slice. This piping hot dish is a bit salty although the texture of the rice is very well done. Overall, this is my least favorite dish. That being said, I am in no way saying this dish is not good, it’s just that everything else we had was incredible! Exceptional!

How do I feel after the meal? A little depressed I guess. But then I thought of a love quote I once heard: “It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

Tapas 24, Bikini Comerç 24, thank you for giving me that magical moment.

Address: Diputació 269, Barcelona. Tel: 934880977


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