Bu Qtair – Deep Fried Seafood Goodness in Dubai

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Bu Qtair is located on a quiet and dark street right by the ocean, not too far from the Burj Al Arab and the Jumeirah Mosque. The first thing I saw when I arrived were patio furniture scattered on a sandy road which resembled a backyard BBQ party. As my feet were being exfoliated by the sand that got into my shoes, I entered the restaurant (or the trailer home), and found myself in line to order the only two things offered here: the marinated fish (catch of the day) and shrimp. You can either take out or eat outside.

We secured a table outside and sat down on some plastic stools. As I waited for my food I saw the shiny Burj Al Arab standing aloofly under the moonlight, and thanks to the light protruding from the restaurant’s signage, I could sort of see what’s being placed on the table.

A man came over to offer us nan bread and rice to go with our meal. The nan was oily, warm with perfect chewiness.

Don’t be fooled by the look of these fried fish and shrimp. They were excellent! They tasted very fresh and were filled with Arabian flavors. I tried hard not to finish them in fear of a heart attack.

If you like deep fried seafood then you should definitely go to Bu Qtair. In fact the lines at Bu Qtair were quite long, so try to get there early. They don’t take reservations, actually, we could not even find a phone number to call. Also there isn’t an actual street address, so finding it could be challenging, but it’s definitely worth the trip!

Umm Sequim, Dubai, UAE

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