Adolf Wagner Apple Wine Tavern – Frankfurt, Germany

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Frankfurt is known as the financial center of Germany so tourism in this city is not the #1 choice. We found this out when we hardly saw any tourists around and the tour guide actually did mention this. But there are a lot of places to eat and explore here in Frankfurt, you just have to give it a chance!

We heard that the famous drink of choice in Frankfurt is the Apfelwein, Ebblewoi or simply Apple Wine which in simple terms is fermented apple juice. So off we went to find good apple wine! With the help of locals we were sent off to go to Adolf Wagner. This family owned tavern (now in it’s 3rd generation) has been making apple wine since 1931! It is an acquired taste as it is a bit on the sour and tangy side. Be warned – they only serve apple wine and no beer at Adolf Wagner, it is after all an Apple Wine Tavern. It was a bit too sour for me but before I knew it I ended up drinking 2 glasses of it.

The décor was fabulous; head to toe everything was made of dark aged wood and had that old German tavern look to it. There were plenty of locals shouting and drinking and having a good ol’ time.

As we sat down, a ginormous super friendly waiter (everybody is so tall in Germany) came by to ask us what we wanted to order. My companion ordered the pork chop with sauerkraut and German mashed potatoes. I went with the house special (a recommendation from the giant German waiter) the fried pork knuckle with pan fried German potatoes. These two dishes were great. The pork chop was thick and juicy; it had a bit of a tangy kick to it because it was marinated in none other than… apfelwein! The pork knuckle was delicious, I highly recommend it. It was crunchy, juicy, and full of flavor and the meat just fell off the bone. They serve dessert as well but we were too stuffed to even look at the menu. We were ready to pass out from all the pork we just ate!

If you want local German fare, with a great atmosphere and friendly service, this is the place to go.

Adolf Wagner: Schweizer Strasse 71 60594 Frankfurt, Germany


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