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Established in 1988 in California by three surf loving brothers, this restaurant serves a fusion of Brazilian, Asian and Mexican food. They have many locations around the USA and soon to be worldwide. So they must be doing something right… right?! Wahoo’s recently opened in NYC and Eat-everywhere decided to give it a try. The lunch line was long but we decided to stick it through. I was surprised to see the amount of people in the establishment, but I guess it was a Friday and people can afford to take a long lunches.

I decided to order the two fish taco (one grilled and one Cajun flavored) combination platter with seasoned rice and Cajun white beans. I was waiting for more than 20 minutes for my order to arrive, and my patience was running thin… All I have to say is that this better be worth the wait.

Finally my food arrived; I chose to devour the grilled fish taco first. It was light and did not offer much taste other than the cabbage and salsa topping. I then proceeded to take on the Cajun Spiced fish taco, this was better, it had flavor and it refreshing to eat. The fluffy steamed rice and Cajun beans were nice addition to the meal. Overall it was just ok but definitely not worth the wait, there are far better places to eat fish tacos (i.e. Pinche Taqueria) in the city and you probably can get it served to you faster than they did at Wahoo’s.

Fish Taco Combo

Wahoo’s Fish Taco, 333 Park Ave South, New York, NY 10010 Ph. 212-466-3330


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  1. It looks good, though. Oh well…