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Recently moving abroad I have missed many things food related in NYC. I miss good Mexican food, I miss the ease of getting a good burger and most of all I miss Americanized Chinese Fast food! I am born and bred NY, so I can proudly say my taste for Americanized Chinese fast food is pretty high. My favorite “combo” is General Tso’s Chicken with Pork Fried Rice and Fried Eggroll. If you did not know General Tso’s is a spicy and sweet sauced deep fried chicken!  It is gluttony heaven! Of course after eating this massive artery clogging dish you will pass out into a nice food coma or you can play it safe and eat half and save the other half for later. Cold Chinese fast food is pretty darn good too! I have my favorite General Tso’s chicken in the city but my friend recommended me another place Lin’s Chinese food (LINSANITY!!, no relation) and I am always up to try a new place. (more below)

Lin's Chinese Restaurant

I of course ordered the General Tso’s Chicken with pork fried rice and eggroll and I got a side of steamed dumplings (couldn’t resist). Twenty minutes later the piping hot dish was delivered to my door. (Ooooh I miss food delivery service in NYC) At first glance everything looks in order… although the General Tso’s sauce seemed a bit darker than the usual place I go to. I take the gooey chicken and coat it in pork fried rice and then proceed with my first bite… memories flashed into my head of the good ol’ carefree days in NYC. This is what Chinese Fast food is all about. The corn starched filled sweet and spicy sauce, deep fried chicken and deep fried eggroll all seem to harmoniously go well together. After devouring the whole thing in 10 minutes, I thoroughly enjoyed it and was satisfied. It was not bad.  Nothing was wrong with it but something was just missing, everything tasted similar but not quite up to par with to my favorite Americanized Chinese fast food joint. If you need a quick Americanized Chinese food fix and Lin’s is near your delivery area then go for it! I still would prefer my #1 joint in midtown. (review to come later)


Lin’s Chinese Restaurant: 32 East 23rd Street New York, NY 10010 Ph. (212) 460-8445


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