A Surprisingly Tasty Burger at Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen – New York City

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Started by the former founders and owners of Hale & Hearty Soups, the two Schnipper brothers decided to start a new restaurant and went to search for the most popular foods in America. This exploration resulted in their menu consisting of burgers and fries, sandwiches, salads and shakes, basically covering the most popular foods in America. (read on below)

I decided to visit the Schnipper’s 23rd and Madison location during lunch. The location itself is spacious with high ceilings and a good amount of seating to enjoy your meal. Most of the customers were carrying out their food order, but since this is my job, I decided to sit, relax and enjoy my Schnipper’s lunch. I went with the good ol’ classic cheeseburger with fries. The cheeseburger was served with lettuce, plum tomatoes, pickles and red onions and cooked medium. Once the order is placed the cashier gives you a stick with a number on it and you patiently wait for your food at your table.

Being that it was so crowded I was surprised to receive the food in a good amount of time. The burger was surprisingly tasty. I took a bite of the meat alone (just to check the quality of the meat) and it had good flavor, moist, juicy and hint of salt and pepper. My only gripe is that the burger was small, so maybe you should double up on the meat or just order another one! Make sure to order the french fries as they were crispy, piping hot and had a nice golden color to it.

Overall I must say that Schnipper’s burgers did not disappoint. If you feel the line is too long at Shake Shack (which is right around the corner) this is not a bad option.

Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen: 23 East 23rd Street NYC Ph. 212-233-1025


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