Chego! Roy Choi’s first ‘Brick and Mortar’ Restaurant – Los Angeles, CA

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The first B/M spot of the ‘Kogi Guy’ (Roy Choi), Chego! features Korean fusion rice bowl dishes they hail as  ‘peasant food from the soul’ like house made fresh Kimchi (a combination of spicy pickled vegetables), a prime rib bowl with horseradish cream sauce topped with a fried egg, their rendition of what they call the ooey gooey fries (what my friend calls – In N Out’s animal style fries only ten times better) and my favorite – the pork belly bowl.  Food is ordered to go or brought to you in an open seating area.  The restaurant is unassuming – sitting right in the middle of a tiny strip mall off of Overland and Rose.  The service is quick and the food is never a disappointment, save for if you can’t handle the heat.  With desserts like the Sriracha chocolate bar – this place is a must!

The Food:  A true ‘fusion’ spot – don’t go in thinking you’ll get what you’re used to when it comes to Korean food.  The basics are there – rice, kimchi, pickled vegetables, heat – and the fried egg action; but all with a twist.   Everything is made to order and perfect for sharing – with all the interesting options, it’s ideal.  The food is well seasoned (sometimes a little too seasoned) but leaves you satisfied.  Drink plenty of water to help with the mass array of seasonings and to avoid feeling the bloat.

Overall Impression:  I love eclectic and unique food – the palate enticing kind.  If you’re up for adventure, Chego! is the place to go to.  No frills, just good interesting food.  Truly:  “It’s everything you’ve ever wanted.  In a BOWL”. Oh, and BYOB.

Chego!  3300 Overland Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90034 (310) 287-0337 http://eatchego.com/


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