Where’s the Beef? Taco Chaca American-Mex Taqueria – Hong Kong

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Since moving to Hong Kong I have been on a quest to find good Mexican food. Thus far I have not found a worthy adversary. Hong Kong offers many varieties of cuisines that are great, but they just can’t seem to get Mexican food right. Taco Chaca a new “American-Mex Taqueria” opened up recently and I am hoping for the best. Will this be it? Will this end my quest? (read on below)

Taco Chaca Entrance

It was quite a trek to get to Taco Chaca which is located in Sai Ying Pun (closest MTR is Sheung Wan) on the Hong Kong Island side. I could have taken a Taxi but the weather was nice on this day and I decided to get some exercise before eating some hopefully good Mexican food.

Inside Taco Chaca

Arriving at my destination, I notice the décor is pretty simple nothing special with aluminum tables and wooden chairs, it seemed to be catering more for the “Take out” crowd as the space was very small. I looked at the menu and decided to order the Pollo Taco and the Burrito Carne Asada. First, the Pollo Taco arrived; I already noticed something wrong with my taco… there was no lettuce, fresh tomatoes or cheese toppings. The tacos were almost soup like as the salsa juices were drowning my Pollo. As I took my first bite a waterfall of juice fell out the other end. I was none too pleased with this meal already. All I tasted was salsa and could not get a real feel for the chicken.

Pollo Taco

As I literally finished slurping my tacos, the burrito Carne Asada arrived. The size was a bit skinny for a burrito (but I’ll let it slide) but looked promising. I was just happy to see rice in my burrito, you will be surprised at how many “Mexican” places in Hong Kong that don’t put rice in their burritos! (Blasphemy!) After a couple of bites I was again disappointed, I could hardly taste the Carne Asada, I had to double check to make sure there were any in my burrito. All I tasted were rice and beans and I know I did not order a vegetarian burrito! The Carne Asada pieces that I did find were tendon like chewy and a bit hard to swallow.

Carne Asada Burrito

So overall my quest to find decent (I have downgraded my quest) Mexican food in Hong Kong continues… At this point I would be happy with Taco Bell in Hong Kong… yea… it’s that bad here. Taco Chaca was a disappointment from the beginning to the end. Until I hear they revamped their menu, I will not be coming back here.

The hunt for “decent” Mexican food in Hong Kong continues….

Taco Chaca Unit F, G/F, Tung Cheung Building 1 Second Street Hong Kong Phone: (852) 25252066


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