The Bird is the Word: Yardbird – Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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Yardbird is a relatively new and very popular Yakitori place in Hong Kong. It was started by Matt Abergel, a former executive chef at Zuma, who also cooked at Masa. When you think of Yakitori you tend to think of a place with a Japanese-esque name right? So at first I was skeptical if Yardbird was indeed a good Yakitori joint or if it was all hype. You’d be surprised that finding good Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong are hard to come by. (Read on below)


Yardbird takes no reservations, so the sooner you get there the better chance you have of getting a table, be warned it does get crowded pretty quick. Walking into Yardbird nothing at all screams that this is an Asian restaurant. I think that is what they are going for, as the English name speaks for itself. From the simple bar, to the simple table settings, to the black and white menu that’s tacked onto the wall, it makes you concentrate on what’s being served in front of you and nothing more. (more below)

The menu has an array of fusion items but they seem to stick true to the Yakitori items on the menu. As you can see from all the pictures we basically had almost everything on the menu. The items that stood out from the rest were definitely the Korean Fried Cauliflower (AKA the KFC, we ordered this three times!), Sweetcorn Tempura, Chicken & Egg with Crispy skin Rice, Chicken Meatball (Tsukune), Wings with Sea Salt and Shichimi and finally the Short Ribs. Everything was well prepared, delicious, and the Yakitori was well-seasoned and tasted like it would at a real Japanese Yakitori restaurant. Don’t forget to try their cocktails as they were refreshing and refreshingly different (pun intended)!

I would recommend going early and with friends so that you can try out everything on the menu like we did. It was a fun night and the delicious food made it even better. Yardbird may not look like much on the outside but it’s what’s on the inside that counts right!?

Yardbird, 33-35 Bridge Street Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Ph: +852-2547-9273


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