The Spotted Pig, West Village – New York City

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Three Dollars
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The one thing that keeps me going during long work hours is dreaming of the amazing burger at The Spotted Pig. Even the idea that I had it a few weeks ago makes me want to work harder and make more money, so that I can go to NYC and visit this place again!

Spotted Pig Decor

The Spotted Pig has a nice cozy and rustic atmosphere. You can see yourself staying a while in hopes of seeing a celebrity walk in, but most likely you won’t… The infamous char-grilled burger with Roquefort cheese is the real main attraction here. The burger is full flavored, juicy and the Roquefort cheese doesn’t erase the taste of the beef, it blends perfectly and the results are heavenly! On the side you get amazing crispy, crunchy shoestring fries, at first it might be a bit overwhelming but in the end you will be asking yourself… should I order some more!? (read on below)

Famous Spotted Pig Hamburger

Medium Rare Hamburger

Unfortunately the only other dish I tried was the beetroot salad with walnuts which was just OK. I ordered the salad just so I wouldn’t feel too guilty eating that delicious burger! Go and try out the burger for yourself you won’t be disappointed.

The Spotted Pig – 314W and 11th St @Greenwich St New York, NY 10014 Ph:(212)- 620 – 0393


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