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This entry is unique in that it entails cooking at home by two chefs, one who cooks professionally by day (proud to say that these are mostly his concoctions) while the other finding time at night.  Together, we make one hell of a team – coming up with dishes based on our knowledge of food and expertise.  Some dishes are quite the experiment but one thing is certain – each dish is a unique reflection of what we love to cook and what we love to eat.  We’re hard on ourselves so if it’s posted here, it was not only cooked to perfection, we even surprised ourselves in just how good it was.  We approach each dish with a challenge – what do we have on hand to work with?  We’re big on visiting the local farmers markets, trying new recipes and perfecting them, to working with the ‘surprise box’ of produce from www.farmfreshtoyou.com.

Join us in our adventure as we meld our journey and knowledge of food.  We hope to include more information on future posts so as to share our knowledge and recipes so please check back in from time to time for information and updates ~ in the meantime, simply ENJOY!

The first impression - Filet Mignon with a demi glace, roasted asparagus with goat cheese, Parmesan and chanterelle mushroom risotto.

'Surprise Box Challenge' - Brown butter seared scallops, potato hash with bacon, roasted red pepper coulis and sauteed brussels sprout leaves with pea tendrils.

Asian Flare - a miso marinated pan seared chilean sea bass with a saute of pea tendril leaves, miso glaze sauce and steamed calrose rice.

Pork Belly Fun - marinated with Peanut Butter, yes PB - pan seared and served on top of a perfectly cooked filet mignon, bed of swiss chard and topped with cracked pepper and port demi reduction sauce.

And LATE one night…I wanted to save the basil!  Here’s our rendition of bruschettta with a cashew and roasted tomato basil pesto (we couldn’t find pine nuts at 11pm at night at the local convenience market) topped with melted burrata and fresh garlic, tomatoes and Parmesan cheese.  The perfect midnight snack – it was crisp, light and simply melted in our mouths.


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