Amazing Patatas Bravas at Bar Tomas – Barcelona, Spain

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We stumbled upon Bar Tomas by accident while wandering around the old town of Sarria, a neighborhood outside the center of Barcelona. It was siesta time so most shops were closed. We had nothing to do and decided to look for the busiest restaurant to have a snack, that’s when we found Bar Tomas. It was packed with people and we noticed most of them ordered the same dishes. We then asked the waiter to bring us the most popular items on the menu, he served us patatas bravas, empanadas and croquetes! (read on below)

The setting was simple and very laid back. Not much to look at other than the newspaper clippings on the wall mentioning the potatoes that are being served here. The food was delicious! The patatas bravas were the best, it was served piping hot with a drizzle of oil and their special sauce. Don’t get me wrong the empanadas and croquetes were delicious as well but the patatas bravas stood out from the rest! I don’t know what is in that secret sauce but its addicting. (more below)

This was a truly great find for us and we will forever remember Bar Tomas for helping us kill time and surprising us with excellent food. It truly does pay to just explore on your own and find gems like these! The locals obviously know about this place but it seems as though the guidebooks don’t!

Next time you are in Barcelona go and visit the old town of Sarria and don’t forget to eat at Bar Tomas!

Bar Tomas – Carrer Major de SarriĆ , 49 (Barcelona) Ph: 932 031 077


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