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I know what you are thinking, no no… Strip house is not a strip club in Hong Kong; it’s actually a restaurant. As we have visited and reviewed Gold by Harlan Goldstein, we were very excited and eager to try out his newest venture Strip House. A 1940’s themed steakhouse, Harlan Goldstein has gone to his NYC roots to start this new restaurant.

The décor is red and vibrant with 1940’s pinup girls decorated around the restaurant. As many steak house décor goes, it gives off a manly feel to it. As we perused the menu we decided to go with The Sickest Crab Cake on the Planet and the Wagyu Fiorentina on the Bone for Two and with a side of Creamy Spinach, “Kick Ass” Mac and Cheese and Tater Tots (I can’t resist tater tots).

We decided to order wine as well to go with our steak. An odd incident happened here after we ordered the wine, the waiter came over and asked us to pay for it immediately. We of course asked why, the waitstaff told us the wine comes from the club downstairs and it was a separate restaurant so we had to pay for it first. That was very weird that a steakhouse does not keep its own wine collection. We shrugged it off as it was not a big deal and waited for our appetizer.

In a timely manner The Sickest Crab Cake on the Planet had arrived. It had generous chunks of crab meat in it. It was served with a Sherry Mustard dip and a small dab of Mango Salsa, which I thought, complemented each other very well. It was tangy and sweet and a good start to our meal.

The Sickest Crab Cakes on the Planet

Shortly thereafter our Wagyu Fiorentina arrived on a massive plate looking pretty and delicious. Now my friend who accompanied me to Strip House is from NYC as well. So our expectations and standard of steaks are pretty high. First off we noticed right away that the steak was more rare than medium rare. As we dug in, we quickly were disappointed. There was not much flavor to the meat and the quality of the meat was not tender and was chewy, hence the accompaniment of different steak sauces to accommodate the lackluster flavor of the meat. It was too rare for our taste and we were saddened that a steak house failed to cook a steak medium rare. We had no choice but to ask them to cook it a bit longer. And when recooked all the juices that flowed out the first time were basically all gone. The steaks were flat out not good at all. We were left with trying to enjoy the sides that we ordered. The creamy spinach was typical and nothing to remember for, the “Kick Ass” Mac and Cheese was not kick ass but just ordinary, and the tater tots were at least crunchy. (more below)

Wagyu Fiorentina Steak

Mac and Cheese

The meal was expensive and honestly not worth it. Maybe we expected too much from Strip house? Maybe our standards are too high? But if you do not even know how to cook a steak medium rare then you should not call yourself a steak house. My friend and I for one will not be coming back here again. There are far better steak houses in Hong Kong than this place and that isn’t saying much.

Strip House by Harlan Goldstein – Grand Progress Building, 15-16 LKF, Central Hong Kong Ph: +852-2521-8638


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  1. Iam a huge steak fan and wow, your steaks look really great there in HK. Where do the meat (at HK’s finest steakhouses) do come from? Their breed? I’d guess that anything from Australian to major US and Japanese cattles?