Wogie’s Bar & Grill, West Village – New York

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wogies_crop The Little Dik-Dik
Two Dollars
Three Forks

When you have a hangover (or want one, it is a bar afterall) or when you are really tired, suffering from jet-lag, or when you can’t be bothered to eat anything healthy, it is always good (in my opinion) to indulge yourself to unhealthy junk food. At Wogie’s they have a nice menu that would satisfy these indulgences. A menu that consists of french fries with melted cheese on top and sticky, sweet honey mustard or BBQ wings and an array of different sandwich concoctions!

Wogie’s is a casual and relaxing dive bar. Located in West Village you can either sit outside or stay inside and watch the game from the two big screens they have at the bar. You can also stuff your girlfriend (if she is not into sports) with delicious fries  and other goodies and pretend you are listening to her while watching the game. I for one would never do that cause it’s mean! (ok…only once, maybe twice…) Wogie’s has great bar food with awesome wings, an overall nice place to chill out, watch the game with friends and get your snack on!

Wogie’s Bar & Grill – 39 Greenwich Ave (between Charles St & Perry St) New York, NY 10014 Ph: 212-229-2171


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