VIEW 62 by Paco Roncero: New Revolving Restaurant in Hong Kong

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Famed Chef Paco Roncero, opened its first restaurant VIEW 62 in Hong Kong with strong financial backing and unprecedented confidence. The revolving restaurant is located on the 62nd floor of the iconic Hopewell Center, a magnificent space overlooking the most beautiful modern skyline of our time.

The service is excellent from the beginning. Everyone was polite and professional. Since it’s a revolving restaurant, every table has a good view. They currently offer a tasting menu (order in advance) and a set menu. When I made the reservation I asked for the tasting menu to be emailed to me but it was never done. So I decided to go with the set menu.

I was first given a lemon cocktail to basically clean my palate. It felt as though I was taking a lemon drop shot at a bar… it was bitter and very sour and blech!

Next I had Olive Oil Butter and PhiloPizza as snacks. The PhiloPizza was an interesting item as it consisted of a thin pastry layer topped with dried tomato flakes and actually did taste like pizza.

The Almond Soup with Scallops and Artichoke was another odd concoction. The almond soup was a cold soup that is added onto the warm scallops and artichoke. The soup reminded me of a melted almond cookie ice cream. As for the scallops they were cooked perfectly. It was an odd melding of cold sweet soup with seafood and vegetables.

The first tapas served was the Salmon cooked at 40 Celsius with Cucumber and Pineapple salad. The salmon was cooked so that it’s slightly crispy on the outside and raw in the center, combining with the sweetness, sourness and bitterness of the salad, it was flavorful and that got my taste buds going.

The second tapas was the Iberico Presa (meat between the neck and the shoulder) with Chimichurri Sauce. The texture of the meat was soft and chewy (in a good way) and the Chimichurri sauce gave it a nice zip with flavor.

For the main course I was first served the Turbot Galizian Style. I liked the skin of the Turbot, but it was not flavorful enough to cover the dryness of the fish. Then my partner had the Lamb Shoulder with Lemon Puree and I had the Pigeon with Truffle Puree. The Lamb shoulder was soft and the texture was good, the smell of the lamb was there but ever so slight and adding the lemon puree actually made the dish even better. As for the Pigeon, the sauce was tasty but overall I felt it was a bit boring. Nothing amazing.

For our dessert we were offered the Strawberry with Cream. It was just strawberries with some sherry sauce and cream, simple and forgettable.

Overall the dining experience is enjoyable at VIEW 62. The restaurant itself is beautifully designed with a panoramic view of Hong Kong, the ambiance is very romantic, the service is impeccable and the food was good, however none of the dishes really stood out. Since they do not have an A La Carte menu yet, let’s hope that they come up with more interesting dishes that will blow my mind. Until then I will come back for a drink at the bar and enjoy the view.

VIEW 62: 62th Floor, Hopewell Center, 183 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2574 6262


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