Hidden Kitchen, Yoshoku Styled Japanese Food in Hong Kong

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Finally a Yoshoku styled Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong! Hidden Kitchen is a casual spot just opened in the heart of Causeway Bay. The all Japanese team consists of 1 chef and 2 waiters. Although they prefer to speak Japanese, English is never a problem.

The restaurant is small and the tables do get filled up quickly, so a reservation is recommended. The menu is very simple which consist of 11 appetizers such as soup, squid salad, potatoes and sausages; 6 main dishes including homemade hamburg, 2 kinds of omelette rice and a 30-hour slow cooked beef cheek stew; as for desserts, they offer ice cream and homemade pudding.

Although there is not much of an atmosphere, the service is very polite and attentive. To start, we ordered the garlic edamame and the shrimp salad (a replacement for the squid salad since they sold out of the squid), and for the main course, we ordered omelette rice (omu-rice) and the 30-hour slow cooked beef cheek stew.

So how was the food? Let’s just say my Japanese companion and I both enjoyed the food very much. The way the omelette rice was presented and cooked is how it would have been done traditionally and the 30-hour slow cooked beef cheek was soft like butter. The only qualm I had about our dining experience was that we literally waited almost an hour and 15 minutes for the beef cheek stew. Since she is a lone chef, I can understand about the wait, the waiter did give us a free beer and apologized 3 times for the delay. I hope that as they grow, they can hire more help in the kitchen. But regardless I will be a regular here because this is my favorite place for tasty and inexpensive Japanese comfort food.

Hidden Kitchen: Room D, 3/F, Prosperous Commercial Building, 54 Jardine’s Bazaar, Causeway Bay
Tel: +852 2504 1511


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