Memorial Day Seafood Fun – Trip to Redondo Beach Pier in California

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One of my fondest memories growing up was going to Redondo Pier in California and fishing with my dad.  Back then it was all about the seafood – even though it smelled.  Yes – it smelled of the sea, and not in a good way.  We would pack a modest picnic of accouterments then head over to Quality Seafood, pick up our selection of crabs, fish and other shellfish and over newspapers and tons of napkins, eat with our hands.  Years and years later, Redondo pier has been remodeled and seafood offerings less of the smelling kind.  You still have to pack some things (like hand wipes and sanitizing gels) but these days they offer drinks, sides, etc. (with signs that say ‘no outside food or drinks’).  All good – as the seafood is still as fresh as I remember, minus the smell.  On this trip, we perused the market and proceeded to take our food home.  Should you do so, make sure you ask them to pack your seafood on ice and have a cooler ready to go if you have a long drive home.

The Food:

Always fresh with a variety to choose from, Quality Seafood has an array of crabs, oysters, mussels, clams, sea urchin – you name it, they have it.  Adjacent to the shellfish is an extensive selection of fish, whole, filleted, in steaks – all of which you can have shelled, cooked and ready to eat on the spot or take to go.  Most items offered are sourced locally so look out for deals as you go through the market.

We wanted to try a few different oysters so we selected Kumamoto (small and sweet), Fanny Bay (nice delicate meaty yet sweet flavor, the most palatable) and Kumiai oysters.  Paired with accouterments of hot sauce, tapatio, mignonette and lemons, they were delectable right out of the shell.  We opted to buy them un shucked and on ice since we took them to go but you can have them shucked on the spot – but be sure to enjoy them there; it’s not advisable to take them home.

Freshly shucked on ice: Kumamoto, Fanny Bay and Kumiai Oysters

The Dungeness crab was delectable.  We took a bag of crab legs to go – the way to do it, as you’re not paying for the parts you don’t want.   We lightly steamed them once we got home with additional herbs and spices and ate them with drawn butter and a brown butter concoction we doctored up – delish!

Dungeness Crab Legs with drawn butter and brown butter for dipping

As for sides, we picked items we knew would go well.  A side salad with a house made herbed vinaigrette and a baked spinach and artichoke dip with corn chips.  We brought the picnic home.

The overall meal – yum!

Overall Impression:  A must if you find yourself here in California and looking for an experience in fresh seafood.  Be prepared to anty up, depending on what you’re feeling.  Seafood here goes for the same price as they would retail or at a restaurant.  Eat it there or take it to go – you will be nothing but satisfied.

Quality Seafood 130 South International Boardwalk Redondo Beach , CA 90277 T:  310 372-6408


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