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My quest for good Mexican food in Hong Kong continues. Brickhouse is a new Mexican restaurant that has been getting lots of buzz in Hong Kong lately. So on a usual hot and sticky night I ventured to central district to give Brickhouse a try.

The street address seems pretty straightforward and as I made my way towards the direction I thought was right, I was actually lost. Finally I saw people entering into a dark alleyway between two tall buildings. No way this could be it, I thought, but followed suit and found a person with a clipboard taking names. It was 6:45 pm when I put my name down and the manager told me that the next seating would be 9 pm. I was shocked at how long the wait would be but I kept my patience and went back home to wait. (Oh I put my name down because Brickhouse takes no reservations)
9 pm came around and I headed over to Brickhouse. I arrived to find the place still packed to the brim with people. As I still had to wait to be seated, the friendly staff apologized many times for the delay, so I decided to hang out at the bar. Trying to weave my way through the mass of people and the waiters hustling back and forth was a task in itself. I made it to the corner of the bar and ordered a Tecate. I watched how busy and fully utilized this establishment is, the tight quarters did not seem to faze the customers one bit. I guess one would be used to small spaces after living in Hong Kong for a while.

9:45 pm came by and finally my table was ready and again the waitstaff apologized for the delay. I appreciated their courtesy. Even though the restaurant seemed like chaos, the waitstaff still maintained a great attitude, if it weren’t for that, I believe my experience would have been different. From the moment I sat down I already knew what I wanted to order. I ordered the salsa and chips, Mexican cheese, the Peruvian ceviche, braised octopus tostadas, pulled pork taco, market fish taco and the Sunday chicken. Yes I was ready to rumble.

The salsa and chips came with guacamole, salsa fresca, salsa veracruz, green salsa sauce, and pico de cauliflower. The organic stone ground chips were crispy and warm. The salsa was oddly sweeter than usual but had a nice spicy punch to it. Guacamole was smooth and simple, and the chopped pico de cauliflower was on the light side. The Peruvian ceviche was refreshing although the taste did not remind me of ceviche I had eaten in Mexico and Peru.

The baked Mexican cheese was a surprise. The smooth taste of the black beans reminded me of authentic Mexican food. Wrapping the warm freshly made tortillas, the gooey cheese and smooth black bean was simple yet satisfying. All I thought was this is a good start to my quest to find real Mexican food in Hong Kong, until the octopus tostadas came around and brought me back to reality. I guess all of it can’t be good right? The octopus tostadas were extremely salty and were not edible. Taking the first bite you felt as though you were swimming in a peaceful ocean, all was calm until a wave hits and you swallowed a big gulp of seawater by accident. Blech!

Since the main attraction here are tacos with homemade tortillas and fresh ingredients, my anticipation was overwhelming. This is it, everything looks good and everything looks right, but will it really be alright? Would someone please hold my hand while I take a first bite at this taco? The mixture of the fried fish with cabbage and sweet chili mayo was sheer joy for my taste buds and the pulled pork did not disappoint. As for the Sunday chicken, it was juicy and had a hint of tandoori chicken flavor mixed with Mexican spices, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Overall I am impressed with the food served here at Brickhouse, except for the braised octopus tostadas. The lack of good Mexican fare in Hong Kong is starting to diminish as word on the street is that another Mexican restaurant from a famous chef will be opening up very soon and very close to Brickhouse. Hopefully Brickhouse is aware of this and will step it up and make bolder and more traditional Mexican dishes. As of now Brickhouse is my favorite Mexican restaurant in Hong Kong.

Brickhouse, G/F, 20A D’Aguilar Street, Central, Hong Kong
Opening Hours:
Mon – Wed: 6 pm – 2 am
Thu – Sat: 6 pm – 4 am


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