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I stumbled upon La Pineda Fiambre, a local specialty grocer, while exploring the narrow and meandering streets of Barri Gòtic in Barcelona. It is not my first time in Barri Gòtic, but it’s refreshing to walk these streets because I always discover something interesting and new.

La Pineda Fiambre has a rather small entrance compared to the space inside. The shop is jam-packed with an assortment of preserved canned and bottled vegetables, seafood, smoked meats and sausages; all stacked up high enough to cover the walls. A portion of the ceiling is arched with hooks in order to hang various types of cured meats. The light shining through the hanging hams had a “holy” effect in my eyes and strangely made my stomach sing. I knew at that moment, there is no way of getting out of this charming shop without ordering something to eat.

At the counter is a mini tapas bar serving different items. I didn’t know exactly what was what but I asked for a piece of everything. I had stuffed red peppers, squid, potato salad and preserved fish, and washed it all down with a nice cold crisp lager beer. Everything I tried can be bought packaged in La Pineda Fiambre’s self-branded cans. However it was impossible to try everything at La Pineda Fiambre with just one visit.

That is the reason why I am very much looking forward to going back to Barcelona whenever possible and be in the presence of its miraculous cuisines again!

Fiambres La Pineda
Carrer del Pi, 16, Barcelona


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  1. My husband and I were visiting Barcelona at the end of our cruise for a few days and we stumbled upon this quaint boutique. The charming store/restaurant was packed with people who were locals stopping in for a bite. We were so enthralled by the ambiance and the food selection that we chose to sit and have a bite. It was amazing and the service was great, very hospitable! If I ever return to Spain and reach this area again, I would definitely go there again.