Rasupermen Restaurant at Hysan Place – Hong Kong

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We visited Mist, a Michelin-starred Ramen restaurant a while back. As we wanted to try their Ramen again we found out they have closed. We were shocked to hear this as Mist served delicious Ramen! When we called Mist we were told they have recently opened a new restaurant called Rasupermen. Our initial thought was “Huh!? What kind of a name is that? Ra…supermen…” We found out it is basically SUPER in the middle of the word RAMEN = RAsuperMEN. Get it?

Arriving at Rasupermen, we ask the manager why they decided to move and why they changed their name? The manager told us that the chefs from Mist HK are now at Rasupermen and everything is the same in terms of their Ramen. Then why close Mist? He told us that Mist was a test trial in Hong Kong and that they learned as much as they could from that and decided to move and open up a new shop. He assured us that the Ramen recipe is exactly the same as in Mist. We were skeptical, so what better way to prove it than to try it ourselves. The location is great as it is located in the brand spanking NEW Hysan Place in Causeway Bay, much easier and convenient to get to than where Mist was.

We order the Shio Ramen, Karamiso Ramen, Mini Pot Tsukune Don, Tebasaki Karaage with Shichimi, Watermelon Pork Belly with Crispy Noodle Salad, Sakura Wood Smoked Pork with Black Pepper Sauce and Exclusive to Rasupermen (just like Mist) Sawasdelight Pale Ale Beer. Yes we basically order 70% of the menu, don’t you know this is how we roll at Eat-Everywhere!

The Mini Pot Tsukune Don is boring and forgettable, the Sakura Wood Smoked Pork with Black Pepper Sauce is oily, fatty and heavy, that is why they only give you 2 pieces. The watermelon Pork belly is a strange combination of watery fruit with juicy pork with crispy noodle salad, it was all over the place and it did not meld well together. The safe bet is the Tebasaki Karaage, simple and tasty fried chicken wing. So far the quality of the appetizers are not as good as Mist. The Sawasdelight Pale Ale Beer is hoppy, bold with bitter kick to it, nothing special but not bad.

The Shio Ramen and the Karamiso Ramen both look beautiful and smell wonderful. But the consistency of the noodle texture is hit or miss, the Karamiso Ramen’s noodles are too soft from the start, so by the time you are at the bottom of your bowl the remaining noodles are too soft. The Shio Ramen’s noodles are nicely cooked, a bit firm yet chewy in the beginning and still good till the end. Usual Japanese Ramen shops ask the customer how they like their noodles, but at Rasupermen they did not ask this, so getting consistent noodle texture should be a given. The soup base both proved to be in-line with Mist’s recipe, but for some reason I still feel that Mist was better overall. Something’s missing at Rasupermen, maybe the selection of appetizers or maybe the ambiance but Rasupermen is still new and hopefully they will pride themselves to keep improving.

Rasupermen – Shop 1203, 12/F, Hysan Place, 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay Hong Kong Tel. 2881 5006


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